For October 14, Tuesday pickup, order by Monday noon

Local cooks and gardeners team up to offer you baked goods, prepared foods, and fresh local produce. We practice organic methods in our gardens and carefully select other ingredients for quality and sustainability. Mostly local, mostly organic. Please write or call if you have specific questions, allergies, or other issues.

Order by replying to this email by noon on Monday to order for Tuesday pickup. Please include a phone number with your order. You may also order by phone: 540-345-3405 (Nancy Maurelli).

Pickup is Tuesday between 4:00 and 5:30 at 416 Church Avenue, Roanoke (park in the lot at the corner of 4th and Church and follow Citygrown signs). This is the downtown Church of the Brethren.

– Nancy Maurelli, Rachel Theo-Maurelli, Martha Hagood, and Elaine Fleck


Four choices of Elaine’s Muffins: $1.00 each (minimum of 6 of any one type) New! Pumpkin spice muffins made with Rabbit Hill Farm pumpkins and organic flour, local eggs, local Homestead Creamery buttermilk; Pear-Pecan Muffins: deliciously moist with cinnamon and nutmeg and made with local pears and local eggs. Also Blueberry (from Washington State), and local, organic Apple Spice.

Pear Tart: Lovely and delicate. Perfect for an after dinner dessert with friends. Made with Mountain Avenue Pears and local eggs and milk. $25.00.

Sweet Potato Pie: Down home Virginia hospitality! Made from Rabbit Hill Farm’s very own sweet potatoes. $25.00

Martha’s Breads:***

Crunchy bread: A pretty round or oval artisan loaf of whole wheat, unbleached, and spelt flours (some from Virginia, all organic), a little yeast and salt, and organic whey or buttermilk. The “crunch” comes from organic sunflower seeds and sprouted Virginia wheatberries. $5.50 loaf.

Garlic and herb breads: Somewhat lighter and more refined than the meal-in-itself Crunchy Bread. Traditional loaf shape, organic and Virginia flours: choose Garlic or Rosemary. $5.50.

Skillet corn bread: Cooked in an 8-inch cast iron skillet, with organic cornmeal and organic Virginia whole wheat flour, local eggs. $5.50.

***Martha’s breads are also available for pickup at the Vinton Farmer’s Market on Friday, October 10, between 4 and 6 pm. Please order in advance by email.


From Nancy:

Nancy’s Caribbean-style Pork BBQ: made with Heartland Harvest pastured pork loin and Nancy’s homemade sauce: sweetened with organic molasses and agave. Yummy on a bun (with a dollop of balsamic red cabbage below) or solo. 16 oz. container (2-3 servings) $9.50.

Balsamic Red Cabbage: great hot or cold. Dress up a simple sandwich meal wiht this beautiful organic cabbage dish. 8 oz. container (2 servings) $3.00; 16 oz. container $5.00.

Creamy Broccoli Soup: Homestead Creamery dairy and homemade veg stock. A comforting way to enjoy those brassicas! 16 oz. container $4.50.

Mo’Beta Hummus: organic garbanzos, tahini, lemon juice and roasted red peppers. Chipotle and homegrown garlic make it sing. Freezable. 8 oz. container (2-3 servings) $4.00.

Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette: shallots, citygrown basil and two kinds of balsamic vinegar. Dresses up green salads, beans, potatoes, tomatoes. Squeeze onto a sandwich instead of mayo… No filler or thickeners. 8 oz. bottle $4.50. 4 week + refrigerator shelf life.

Tempeh Almondine: organic cultured soy protein and sliced almonds in a sweet and savory glaze of apricots and coarse dijon mustard. Previously frozen. Reheat and enjoy with grain, or try it as a pita stuffer. 12 oz. (2 servings) $6.50.

From Martha:

Homemade Yogurt: one quart, in a returnable Mason jar. Milk from local, grass-fed Coco the Cow is gently pasteurized but not homogenized, so each jar has a little bit of rich, cultured cream on top. $5.75. (plus deposit on new jars.) This is the yogurt I searched for but couldn’t find, so I had to make it myself. It’s good.

PEASANT’S FARE: Six healthy, sustainable items to build a week’s meals around. Complete package, $29 (plus deposit on new jars.) Includes: Your choice of Martha’s Breads: Crunchy, Garlic, or Rosemary yeast breads, or Skillet Cornbread; 16 oz. jar of savory pinto beans seasoned with cumin, garlic, onion, and peppers; sauteed greens with rice and onions, 16 oz. jar; oven-roasted vegetables, 16 oz. jar; 8 oz. jar of tomato jam; and for dessert, your choice of homemade yogurt (1 pint) or a mini-Peach Cobbler (about 2 servings). I can usually make substitutions or provide individual items, just ask.

Peach Cobbler: made from Donna’s peaches and Mom’s recipe, local and organic dairy products, non-GMO cane sugar: small $8, large $13.50

Tomato Jam: Sweet, spicy, hot, and so good with beans or on bread. 8 oz., $8.00. (plus deposit on new jars.) Hot or mild. Made from Citygrown tomatoes with ginger, spices, organic lemons, and non-GMO cane sugar.

***Martha’s foods are also available for pickup at the Vinton Farmer’s Market on Friday, October 10, between 4 and 6 pm. Please order in advance by email.


New: Sweet Potatoes from Elaine’s Rabbit Hill Farm on Mountain Ave. $1.75 lb.

Mountain Ave. Pears. Grown with no sprays at all. They look and taste good. $2.50 a pound.

Scallions: 6 for $1

Swiss chard, $3 a bunch

New Zealand Spinach, $3 a bunch

Basil: $2.50 a bunch

Flat leaf Parsley: $2.50 a bunch

Mixed cherry and Juliet tomatoes: Finishing up the season, the best of what we have: Sungold, Black Cherry, Juliet, and whatever else looks good. Small and medium-sized, mostly. $3 lb.

Juliet tomatoes: $3 lb. (smaller, drier, for cooking and salads).

Mixed heirloom tomatoes and/or slicers: Mostly Better Boys at this point. Also a few Brandywine and Golden Jubilee, once in a while a Cherokee Purple. Not as pretty this time of year, but still taste good. $3 lb.


Flat Leaf Parsley,
Sweet Basil, Red Basil,
Rosemary, Sage,
Oregano. $2.50/bunch.

Flowers: $5 and $8

For questions or more information, send email to, or call Nancy at 540-345-3405.

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