For Tuesday, Nov. 11 pickup, please order by Monday noon

Don’t forget the Green Living Expo at the Civic Center this weekend — we’ll be there!

If you’ve just become acquainted with Citygrown, you should know that all of our produce is from small local gardens and is organic in practice, though usually not certified. Other ingredients are selected for quality and sustainability — mostly local, mostly organic, and we avoid “factory food” as much as we can. Please write if you have specific requests, allergies, or other concerns. We’re a small group, producing food to order, and are always happy to talk about food.

Order by email ( by noon on Monday for Tuesday pickup. Always include a phone number with your order, please.

Pickup is Tuesday between 4:00 and 5:30 at 416 Church Avenue, Roanoke (park in the lot at the corner of 4th and Church and follow Citygrown signs — we’re in the back). This is the downtown Church of the Brethren.

If you haven’t yet read about Nancy’s Collaborative Cooking project, please read and respond to her note at the end of this post. Thanks!

– Nancy Maurelli, Rachel Theo-Maurelli, Martha Hagood, and Elaine Fleck


Four choices of Elaine’s Muffins: $1.00 each (minimum of 6 of any one type) Sweet Potato-Spice Muffins made with Rabbit Hill Farm sweet potatoes and organic flour, local eggs, local Homestead Creamery buttermilk; Pear-Pecan Muffins: deliciously moist with cinnamon and nutmeg and made with local pears and local eggs. Also Blueberry (from Washington State), and Apple Spice Muffins made with low-spray Franklin County apples (we really like these apples).

Apple Pie: made with Franklin Co. low-spray (before fruiting) apples. $25.00

Pecan Tartlets: Rich and yummy 4-inch tarts made with brown sugar, local eggs, and pecans. $4.00 each, minimum of three.

Cookie of the week: Cowboy cookies are moist and chewy and made with old fashioned oats, chocolate chips, pecans, and coconut. Local eggs, organic flour, organic coconut. $6 a dozen

Martha’s Breads: (Vegan versions of yeast breads available; cornbread available in a gluten-free version.)

* Crunchy bread: A pretty round or oval artisan loaf of whole wheat, unbleached, and spelt flours (all organic, regional flours), a little yeast and salt, and organic whey or buttermilk. The “crunch” comes from organic sunflower seeds and sprouted Virginia wheatberries. $5.50 loaf.

* Garlic and herb breads: Somewhat lighter and more refined than the meal-in-itself Crunchy Bread. Organic and regional flours: choose Garlic or Rosemary. $5.50.

* Skillet corn bread: Cooked in an 8-inch cast iron skillet, with organic cornmeal and organic Virginia whole wheat flour, local eggs and dairy. $5.50


From Elaine

Tomato Tart: Layered with roasted organic garlic, sontina cheese, and end-of-season tomatoes. Organic flour, local vegetables. $25.00′

Swiss Chard and Onion Quiche with local eggs and dairy, Vermont cheddar cheese. $25.00 whole pie.

Gypsy Soup: a delicately spiced Spanish-style vegetable soup with hint of cinnamon, and made with organic sweet potatoes and chickpeas. $5 pint, $10 quart

From Martha:

Homemade Local Yogurt: in a returnable Mason jar. Milk from local, grass-fed cows is gently pasteurized but not homogenized, so each jar has a tiny bit of rich, cultured cream on top. Very mild and thick, with great flavor, living cultures and no pectin, “emulsifiers” or “stabilizers” like many commercial brands. Quart, $5.75, pint $3.25. (plus 75 cent refundable deposit on jar.) Comments from customers: “Perfection!” and “Simply the best I’ve ever had.”

Savory white beans with onions, garlic, and pepper: pint $5, quart $9. Good with cornbread and cooked greens (my dad’s favorite meal).

PEASANT’S FARE: Six organic, sustainable basics to build a week’s meals around: $31 for the package, plus refundable 75 cent deposit on jars. (3 or 4, depending on your choices). Includes:

* Oven-roasted Jersey sweet potatoes with apples and grass-fed, local butter — 16 oz. jar
* White beans with onions, garlic and peppers — 24 oz. container
* Spicy black bean spread with tomatoes, parsley, and a smoky chili-pepper flavor, 16 oz. jar
* Fresh garden greens: about 8 ounces (depending on how much they grow over the weekend)
OR tender cooked chard with onions, garlic, and olive oil, 8 oz. jar
* Bread: your choice of Martha’s breads: skillet cornbread, Crunchy Bread, Garlic, or Rosemary
* Dessert: your choice of one quart of Homemade Local Yogurt or about a dozen Peanut Butter Cookies (with a little chocolate).


Mountain Ave. Pears. Grown with no sprays at all. They look and taste good. $2.50 a pound

Scallions: 6 for $1. limited supply.

Tender salad greens, limited supply. $3.50 for 8 ounces.

Cooking greens: Swiss chard, $3 a bunch, or a mix of mustard greens and kale, $3 a bunch

Flat leaf Parsley: $2.50 a bunch


Flat Leaf Parsley,

Rosemary, Sage,

Oregano. $2.50/bunch.

***A letter from Nancy:

I love to cook and I love to eat and I’m ready to do both in a more communal, resource sharing way. Please help me “test drive” a new community food concept: COOKS’ COLLABORATIVE.

WHAT: festive group cooking “party” designed to teach/share skills and prepare multiple servings of 4-5 dishes for participants to take home for fresh convenience OR to stock the freezer. I will plan the menus, bring in the groceries, and set up the kitchen.You arrive, help prep, cook, package and cleanup.

WHERE: kitchen of Central Church of the Brethren, 416 Church Avenue, one block west of the American Red Cross. Parking off street at corner of 4th and church or in lot behind building.

WHEN: I’d like to do two events in November, with one designed specifically for Thanksgiving prep cooking. The kitchen is available mosts days except Wednesday afternoons/evenings and Sundays. Is you are interested, please email me at with preferred day/s and timeframe (3 hours).

COST: TBA: I need to cover the cost of kitchen rental and groceries and a stipend for my time. Cost will depend partially on number of participants (more = less cost but less intimate class), and cost of ingredients.

FOOD STANDARDS: Emphasis on fresh, seasonal, ecologically grown ingredients, including modest amounts of dairy, meat, poultry or stock from VA pastures. Please share your preferences and needs when you reply.

Contact Nancy Maurelli at 540/345-3405 or email THanks!

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